Megan Megan
Is this the Sleep website?

Levi Levi
Not anymore. It’s “Under Construction”

Billy Billy
Ugg. I hate when that happens.



Talking Moose
Recap of past

The new owner hasn’t yet decided what to do with this website, and until that is figured out, it’s showing some of the past content that was here, before the website was “let go”, allowed to expire.

Levi Levi
Looks like someone bought this domain in 2013, and used it for a CSS ( Cascading Style Sheets for webpages) tutorial, and a lot of links and ads, till March 2014. Then it was “let go” expired again.


Talking Moose
Cascading Style Sheets

I’ve stripped out the ads and links, and the leftover content on CSS tutorial topics is on these two pages. CSS tutorial page 1, CSS tutorial page 2. If you came here via a search engine seeking webpage styling tips, click those links.

Megan Megan
What was before?, sleep-related hopefully?

Levi Levi
Way way back, from 1999 to 2011, it was the Canadian Sleep Society website.

Betty Betty
I find it interesting that “dot T.O.” websites were available so far back. It’s for the country of Tonga.

Levi Levi
But wait, there’s more. In 2011, the website was abandoned without hosting, and a new website, arose instead.


Talking Moose

So if you are looking for the CURRENT website of the real Canadian Sleep Society, click that link, or below because,

Later, that website began autoforwarding to:


David David
So, now you know how to get to the newest information. Click the link above.

Hector Hector
Below, is a recap of some of the older content from 2011, so your visit here has something to look at.


HalifaxBanner2013 The Canadian Sleep Society was promoting the 2013 meeting in Halifax.

CSS_2015_WebBanner_bIn the future, there will be a meeting in Toronto in 2015. Looks really good!


Hector Hector
Here’s some background information and historical content from the Canadian Sleep Society.


About the Canadian Sleep Society (CSS) This was their old website logo.

Hector Hector
Boredom alert. Mission statement. (no offense intended).


Their Mission Statement:

The Canadian Sleep Society (CSS) / Société Canadienne du Sommeil (SCS) is a professional association of clinicians, scientists and technologists formed in June 1986 to further the advancement and understanding of sleep and its disorders through scientific study and public awareness. The Society has established the following objectives:

  • To facilitate the advancement of education in the area of sleep research and sleep disorders medicine.
  • To help consolidate and advance sleep research in Canada.
  • To promote and support the growth and quality of sleep disorders medicine in Canada.
  • To increase the profile and support for sleep research in Canada.
  • To increase public awareness of the importance of sleep research and sleep disorders medicine, and Canada’s contribution to this area.
  • To engage in educational activities and facilitate support for trainees.

The CSS/SCS is a founding member of The World Federation of Sleep Research & Sleep Medicine Societies (WFSRSMS)

Some past News, that is now out-of-date. (But interesting!)

WFSRS_bnr01_topWFSRS_bnr01_bottomThe 6th World Congress of the World Sleep Federation (WSF) and the 36th annual meeting of the Japanese Society of Sleep Research in Kyoto, Japan, October 15 – 20, 2011.

Tyler Tyler
I would have liked going to Japan, seeing Kyoto.


News_item_CTS_resp_guideThe Canadian Thoracic Society (CTS) Sleep Disordered Breathing Committee is proud to announce an update to the 2006 guidelineDiagnosis and treatment of sleep disordered breathing“.


CRJ_titleCanadian Sleep Society (CSS) and Canadian Thoracic Society (CTS) position paper on portable monitoring for obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea publication in the Sept/Oct 2010 issue of the Canadian Respiratory Journal.


Sleep-apnea_factsheet_ENWhat is the Impact of Sleep Apnea on Canadians? Fast Facts from the 2009 Canadian Community Health Survey.



The Canadian Speech Society publishes Vigilance. Here is a sample cover from 2011. Current issues are available on the current website (see link above).

Of note, there was a meeting of the World Association of Sleep Medicine, & Canadian Sleep Society Congress, in Quebec City, in September 2011.

External Resources

  • Eye on Sleep – – Home of the web’s premier sleep-related ezine! Of interest to professionals, patients, caregivers, family members and friends, each comprehensive monthly issue highlights sleep-related news, articles, and resources available on the web.
  • – a website dedicated to dentistry’s role in the recognition and management of sleep disordered breathing.
  • – Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation
  • – American Sleep Apnea Association
  • – Narcolepsy Network is a national, non-profit organization of people who have narcolepsy (or related sleep disorders), their families and friends, and professionals involved in treatment, research, and public education regarding narcolepsy.
  • – Everything you wanted to know about sleep but were too tired to ask.

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